Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yesterday's poor service...

... morphs into today's bad Customer Service.

I received a call from TheHusband today. The flowers were delivered at his place of work today at approximately 0815 hours with no explanation.

By 1600 (that's Four P.M. for you civilians), there was still no call to me from the flower shop regarding the lateness of the delivery. So I called.

I spent 15 minutes on the phone with some silly girl who has no idea how to handle someone whose order was wrong. First she tells me that "the flower shop that it was sent to..." delivered it at five minutes after five last night, and it was too late. The flower shop said they had "too many deliveries..."

Uhm... first lie. TheHusband didn't leave the office until after 5:15, and the Owner didn't leave until after 7:00. Toot's. It's a flower shop, and it's Valentines day. If they need more help, tell them to hire more people, or don't use them anymore.

So I addressed the other issue. The one where I made two phone calls last night and no one from when I ordered the flowers from had called me to explain, make amends, or (in the least!) apologize.

She said: "My manager is not here, and what would you like me to do?"

I said: "Simply put. I want to know why when I received my receipt it didn't say that the order might be farmed out to another florist (since I chose you as a "local florist" to begin with), I want to know why when I called to find out why my order had not been delivered, I got an answering service in Oregon (Oregon for the gods sake!!!), and why they were unable to find out where my order was. I want to know why, when the answering service said they would give you a message, twice I might add, that no one has called me and it's been almost 24 hours.

Her answer: "I don't think you need to be disrespectful to me", and proceeded to hang up the phone.
Here is a comparison picture of what I received versus what I ordered. Although TheHusband loves them, they are not the same.

Yes, the choice of flowers is right, but there are differences. The actual vase (though lovely) is taller and skinnier than in the example shown. Also, there are twice as many flowers in the example, than what actually showed up.

I'm so disappointed.
And regardless, as I said, TheHusband loves them, and loves me for what really matters here... I tried. But, true to form, he got me nothing until today. There was a card in the refrigerator when I went in to grab a beer. It was signed:
"It wouldn't be me if it weren't late! ILY Me."

He isn't wrong.


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