Tuesday, January 25, 2005


okay. plenty of people have visited for the required 30 seconds. thanks.

Flashback... D.C. 1990, winter, summer, springtime... whatever. didn't matter

I'd been in a relationship with M for four years. It was an open relationship from the start. He insisted upon it.
Anyhoo... I got a job at a bar on Dupont Circle. (The bar's not there anymore... ) I was working at the Department of Commerce as a low level administrator and was looking to supplement my extremely low wages. I got the job on the basis of my looks. I know, it's a horrible thing to say, but it's true. Nobody asked if I could pour a drink (I could!), but I got the job anyway.
I met a lot of men with that job. Most of them, I wouldn't have touched. Sometimes though, I had a few while working, so my defenses would be down. So I'd have sex with 'em. They had to have a certain look in the face and a certain amount... down below, if you know what I mean. This is not This place so I won't go into all the gory details.
Many times, I'd go to a bath house on a boring night. I know... I know... it isn't politically correct to admit that. Who cares? I'm telling the truth here, right? I went there and had sex with people that I don't know, didn't wanna know.. whatever.
Now that I've admitted that... does it change your opinion of me? I mean really, since you don't know me... does it matter? And to go a bit further, if you DID know me, would it matter? If so, I'd dare say that it wouldn't matter to me what your opinion was, really.
I will say this. I've mentioned that I was HIV+, but this is NOT how I converted. I know EXACTLY when and where I was when I converted. That's the subject of a future post.


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