Sunday, October 09, 2005

Girl Sues School

For taking away a "fictional" story she wrote and and then suspending her from school because of it. Here is a sample of her story:
"... as I walk to school from my sisters car my stomach ties itself in nots. I have nervousness tingeling up and down my spine and my heart races. No one knows what is going to happen. I have the gun hidden in my pocket. I cross the lawn and hed to my locker on A hall. Smiling sweetly to my friends hoping they dont notice the cold sweat that has devloped on my forhead. Im walking up to the front office when the bell rings for class to start. so afraid that I think I might pass out. I ask if my mother dropped off a book I need. No. My first to classes pass by my heart thumping so hard I'm afraid every one can hear it. Constantly I can feel the gun in my poked. 3rd peroid, 4th, 5th then 6th peroid my time is comming. I enter the class room my face pale. My stomach has tied itself in so many knots its doubtful I will ever be able to until them. Then he starts taking role. Yes, my math teacher. I lothe him with every bone in my body. Why? I don't know. This is it. I stand up and pull the gun from my pocked. BANG the force blows him back and every one in the class sits there in shock..." (sic)

She should be suing them because they forgot to teach her how to spell, use punctuation, and for that matter, compose a complete sentence.

Or, even better, the school should be suing her for not doing her homework.


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