Thursday, December 01, 2005

HIV Meds

Here is a list of currently approved HIV drugs.

I have taken 21 of the ones listed. Some were one pill a day. Some were two pills twice a day. Some were 15 pills a day. One was a shot, given to me - by me, twice a day.

I currently take three.

The above list doesn't count the ones I've taken in the past that doctors are no longer prescribing.

I count 20 more of them.

Here is a list of Opportunistic Infections (OIs)

I have been identified as having suffered (suffering?) from at least thirteen of them.

Should I mention now that I currently take a drug that is normally prescribed to people with Leprocy?


Blogger Spider said...

I wish I knew what to say... as I said before, Men like you give men like me courage and strength...

12/01/2005 10:44 PM  

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