Monday, January 09, 2006

What to do... what to do...?

I may have mentioned. Next month is my birthday.

I am child number 4 of 5. For each 40th birthday of my elder siblings, there has always been a surprise party. For some reason, there is doubt that there will be any "surprise" for mine. Go figure.

Anyhoo... my eldest brother called last month and suggested that we all meet in Vegas for mine. They have the opportunity to get enough Timeshares to cover our hotel stays, and it might be fun.

I said... Isn't it cold in Vegas in February? Of course, compared to Orlando, it is, but three of the four of my siblings live in Washington State, so to them - heatwave. Anyway, I told him I'd talk to TheHusband about it and get back to him. A few minutes later he called back.

He reminded me that my eldest sister's husband is pretty sick. (Between you and me, he is deadly sick...) and he probably wouldn't be able to travel to Vegas. Which means my elder sister wouldn't go, probably. What if he sent me and TheHusband tickets to come home for my birthday?

What I said: "Are you crazy? I was complaining that Las Vegas might be too cold for me, and you want me to visit the mountains north of Seattle, instead?"

What I was thinking: "Are you crazy? It took me 18 years to get out of that podunk-backwards-little cow town, why the hell would I want to spend my 40th birthday (much less ANY birthday) in that god awful place?"

So tonight he calls up again.

The guilt was so much, I accused him of being a Jewish Mother. He is neither, of course.


Blogger Spider said...

AH yes - Family guilt... such a wonderful thing! Why don't you and TheHusband just take off and go somewhere, leave you cell at home and have a great time... or go to Las Vegas, just DON'T go home - 40 is bad enough without spending it somewhere you don't want to be!

1/10/2006 8:23 AM  
Blogger Pookie65 said...

It's your birthday do do what YOU want to do. 40 is supposed to be scary, life changing birthday. For me it was just another time to thank God I was still alive and surrounded by people I loved.

Of course on the second...seventh anniversary of my 40th birthday I may be singing a different tune.

Either way I hope you find yourself having the time of your life.

1/10/2006 9:09 AM  
Blogger cola boy said...

I don't know. If my brother or sister paid for my flight to go where they lived, I wouldn't mind it. It's just a few days, then you can go somewhere you really want and party. :)

1/10/2006 11:13 AM  
Blogger MiKell said...

No, it isn't about the money. I can afford my own trip.

Besides, it's a fairly new job, and I only get 6 days of paid vacation this calendar year.

1/10/2006 8:30 PM  
Blogger Spider said...

Totally off topic, but your interview questions are realy on my blog... have fun!

1/11/2006 9:44 AM  

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