Thursday, June 01, 2006

Live Blogging Let's Make A Deal...

I'm late into this, but here goes.

8:05: Lance Bass should have the person that picked out his costume fired.

8:17: Leslie Nielson is not looking well. Look at his face.

Your chance to win is coming up. I don't even know what that means. Hell, I don't care.

TheHusband just walked passed my den (he's watching it in the other room) and said one word. "Lame". I have to agree. How long is this show tonight? Maybe I should have stuck with All My Children on Soapnet.

8:25: Paige Davis. Will she do a strip-tease for extra money? Has Paige ever seen this show before, or was she too busy at dance class?

I just realized. This show is a graveyard of out-of-work actors. Talk about a light bulb moment.

8:33: Tim Meadows. Is he still alive? "Officer Krupke"? Funny, the ONLY black guy in my high school production of "West Side Story" played Office Krupke.

Ricki Lake
has lost quite a bit of weight, hasn't she. Her voice, however, is still just as shrill and annoying as always.

What is with the flames on that refrigerator? Who'd want that in their kitchen? Ugh.

Paige. Please give that scared little dog a break and give her to a crewmember.

Big Deal Time. It had better be.

I'm glad I didn't choose that Dining Room. Yuck.

Lance did NOT look like he would enjoy sitting next to Brandi. Whomever she is.

An African Safari? No thanks.

That's it. I'm done.

And I'm seriously considering deleting this entry, as it was too embarrassing to admit that I'd watched.


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