Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blowing off...... steam

And nothing else.

1. Our office is moving on Friday. Three buildings over and one across. The company is splurging on "movers" (only to keep us from getting hurt and suing their asses, would be my guess), so no problem there. But there will not be enough furniture for all the people in the office. It's a bigger office because we'll have five, count 'em, five more people. I've suggested THREE different places to buy furniture necessary, including stock numbers and prices (including shipping/delivery) and have been turned down. Each time. The line is "We'll order furniture as we need it, when we need it." Cheap bastards. Three or four of the desks we have should be trashed, and even if we don't trash them, we are three short, we are short four chairs, and two computers.

1(a). I told them what day we could have the new space, but "they" didn't schedule the phone company to "move" our phone system and T-1 line, so it had to be pushed back an additional 15 days, because the phone companies need 30 days to schedule. And they are bitching about the price of this service.

1(b). They are bitching about the cost of the extra outlets we needed, because I was told that our office was the "go to place" in case of hurricanes over on the gulf-coast (where our corporate office is located). So much so, when it was all said and done, I asked TheHusband to go in with me this Saturday and install two or three extra (no charge for labor here....)

1(c). I've asked for All Hands On Deck this Friday, as I can't be in both buildings at once when the movers are there. Someone needs to be in both buildings, one to say "Take this, take this, don't take that" and one to say "Put this here, put that there, and put that other thing over there". Everyone is trying to find an excuse to NOT be there. Two Project Managers have a meeting with a client, the two Salespersons have "meetings" where they MIGHT get a check, and our two Service Tech's say they'll be there (this one I actually believe), but in service, you never know if you will be sent to a service call.

1(d). I've told everyone to remember to pack their own desks (providing boxes), as once the movers pick up said desk, all papers and chatchke inside of said desk will be tossed around inside. If they don't want to clean up a big mess inside their drawers, they ought to be proactive about it.

2. Whenever we get a new employee, I give them all a new company coffee mug. I tell them "I've just washed it, so it's clean. That will be the last time I wash this mug. If I find it in the sink, I'll toss it in the trash. I am not your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, or your maid. Please keep this in mind." Then I tell them that I've already tossed out three mugs, and I'll be happy to do it again. This usually gets a giggle out of anyone around listening, but it's the truth.

3. Yesterday, I went into our conference room and noticed that someone (one of the salespeople) had been working in there. She had left marks all over the table from the little feet on her laptop (you know, little lines where she'd dragged her laptop over it for a few inches, worked a bit more, then pushed it back away a bit. Little zig-zag marks). This is not the first time, but I get tired of people leaving little messes for me to clean up. Also, there was some spillage from food and drink. I assume she left them too. So I cleaned it up, and sent out an email to everyone in the office, reminding them that they should clean up after themselves if they use the conference room for client meetings, training, or office collaborations and/or return any equipment used during said sessions to where they belong. I wanted to make it general, so I wasn't pointing fingers.

This did nothing, as I had to clean the table off again this morning before our daily 0830 office-wide meeting.

4. A new Service Technician started today. He is a homo. I wonder if anyone else even noticed.

That last one is just me saying it for the record, and not really a bitch.


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