Monday, July 11, 2005

I hate being "not at work"...

What a pile of work to walk back into this morning.

I understand that no one is paid to do what it is that I do... and that no one even knows what all I do everyday, but, sheesh.

Could I have not started to faint during a week that I didn't receive (at work, for work) the equivalent of my entire years salary in check payments? Where the technicians weren't walking out fulfilling orders that took "my" inventory (i.e. not mine, but I'm responsible for it...) without screwing it all up? Not that I think it's the Tech's fault, 'cause I don't. It's that if I am not there, then it all gets fucked up, and I hate to clean up other peoples messes.

"They", meaning the corporate office, called me up for our typical Monday morning telecon this a.m. They asked if I could provide new installation date for them. I said... "uhm... no. Not really. I've been languishing on my deathbed in the hospital for the last three workdays, and have a pile of work on my desk and I have no where to start. Plus, I have about 59 emails and voice mail's galore to answer/look at, so no. I don't have any answers for them this morning. Any more questions?"

Did they think I was answering e-mails from the Emergency Room?


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