Monday, June 27, 2005

One is doing better...

... but the other isn't.

OurDog is doing better. I think. He is eating well, drinking well. But he spends a lot of time sitting on a bed that I created for him (actually, it is a afghan that my sister crocheted for me). The floor hurts him after a while, being that I have no carpet in this house... all ceramic tile. So I grabbed this afghan off the back of the couch and it became "his" bed.

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He's favoring his left rear leg a lot. Something about it is really bothering him. I don't think it's in the foot or let, I think its in his hip.

He's a Boxer-mix. Supposedly, boxers don't make it to 10 years old very often, because of a high rate of cancer. I didn't know that. The doctor says he's in complete kidney failure and he has a "mass" that is either in his lung or surrounding his heart. He's eating special food that is low in protein, and if he does well he might last a bit longer.

The entire visit to the Vet cost me my entire paycheck for two weeks. Well worth it, in my opinion, but I don't know how often I can do that.

Our friend "A" isn't doing as well. He went into the hospital two weeks ago. TheHusband and I visited him on Saturday, and he was okay, but a bit "out of it". We spoke to his nurse that day, she said he was doing okay. The next day, I wasn't feeling well, but theHusband went to see him. He was a bit more "out of it". Monday, his doctors let him go home, and although we were happy, I wondered about the logic of letting him go home so soon. Turns out, it was a bad idea.

By Wednesday, they were back in the emergency room, waiting on being admitted. And, as a side note, there was a paramedic team that reminds me of the Ambulance crews of the 1980's. From the story I heard, it was a lawsuit in the making.

We went to see "A" on Saturday. It was not good. He barely seemed to know we were there, would fall asleep during a conversation, and most of what he said had a) nothing to do with what we'd asked him, or b) was so unintelligible that we didn't know how to respond.

Saturday night, we had "D" ("A"'s Husband) over to the house for dinner. It was spontanious, and nothing special. We just wanted him to know that people cared about what was happening to him (and "A") and to see OurDog. I think it was good for him.


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