Thursday, June 02, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

I wrote this post the other day, got half way through it, saved it as a draft and *poof* it disappeared. Hence, the post directly below this one.
So last Friday, theHusband and I left work early to go camping down south. He was supposed to leave work earlier than me, get home and get the truck packed, and when I got home, we'd be on our way. Long before most of you even get off work. As per usual, it didn't work out that way.

TheHusband got distracted, left work later than intended, and (as per usual) got distracted on his way home. He is your typical guy that will be late for his own funeral. Certain things have to be done to prepare for going away for the weekend. TheHusband has never learned that lesson. Never. Ever.

I had enough laundry done. I had our bags packed. All I had to do was re-check the cat's box, their food, their water, grab my suitcase, and jump in the truck. By the time I got home from work, everything else, to include the cooler, would be in the truck so we could just get on the road. We'd be traveling by 2:30, missing most of the traffic getting out of town.

I got home at 2:15, with no Husband in sight. I called. He stopped at the store for some reason. Five minutes later, I called him back. One of our cats had been in a small fight a few days earlier, and now had a massive lump under her neck. At 2:45, I called a vet nearest our new neighborhood. They could squeeze her in. I was there in five minutes. TheHusband met me there, but I told him to go home and pack the truck. I got out at 4:00. She'd be fine, but we'd have to take her with us. She needed medication all weekend and some tender loving care. Much to her chagrin. She hates to travel in the car, and hates even more to be in a house that isn't "hers".

We are on the road at the height of Friday afternoon traffic, as theHusband was still not ready when I got home. Yea!! The typical 2/12 hour trip took us almost four hours. We missed Friday night bingo at the campground. I hate missing Bingo at the campground.

Before you all get on me... it's not a big deal, and I know it. It's just that it sets the tone for the entire "relaxing" weekend that we are supposed to be having. I'm a planner. I plan. I set a schedule. When it doesn't get followed for other than unusual circumstances such as an emergency trip to the vet, then I get upset. Then everything afterwards pisses me off.

Same thing happens, smaller scale on for the trip home. We discuss it on Sunday. Early to bed, early to rise, pack the truck, get on the road, get home, unpack and do the laundry, relax, back in bed early for the shortened week work. What a joke.

TheHusband stays up too late drinking (normally wouldn't care, we aren't driving anywhere when we are camping), so that means he sleeps in the next day. At 9:00, I finally give up. I start getting ready. Loudly. Didn't matter, he continued to sleep through it. Eventually, he got up, and we were on the road around noon. Which, in all honesty, was fine. We were home by 3:00, I did the laundry and he took a nap. Then his nephew called.

Want's directions to the new house. He's coming to stay with us for a week or two. Oh. Okay. Uhm... great! I like the kid, actually. Closest thing we are going to have for our own child in this state. He lived with us for a while when he was 15. What a time that was, remind me to tell you about that sometime.


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