Monday, May 09, 2005

Sorry, I've been busy...

I've been neglecting just about everything lately. So much to do. Get one box emptied only to be eyed by five more waiting for a place to be put away. Oh... the guilt.

My cats have finally gotten used to the new place. They spend more time outside now, and I don't even worry about them. When they stay out all night, they just wait out front for me to get up in the morning. Since I come in here waiting for the coffee to perk, they just meow at my window until I open the front door for them. It isn't easy finding my keys before I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning.

So we tried to sell the house with that on-line advertising agency. What a waste of money that was. I tried to tell the Husband that, but he didn't listen. And he is not one to like it when I say anything near "I tried to tell you..." so, I try not to. Eventually, he signed a contract with the Real Estate agent who helped us get this place. She said she'd have a contract within two weeks, and take the hassle out of our hands. She'd only charge us 2%.

The first person that showed up after that, which we'd aranged with the Ad-agency, she showed it to. She had a contract with them within two days. It was supposed to close two weeks later. It didn't. They needed more time (well, their lender did). So we extended.

Included in the extension letter faxed to theHusband was a change in the contract from 2% to 4% for doing the job. I wasn't happy. She didn't even bother to explain it to him in advance. She said she was only doing it for 2% because she was really only "writing" the deal, which made sense to me, but it was "too much work, schmoozing everyone trying to get the deal closed" so she needed to up her take. I'm not happy with her and I'm not happy with theHusband for going along with it. It feels unethical. You, as an independant contractor, should not change the price of a job at the 11th hour. If I'd have run my business that way, I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did.

TheHusband says I should let it drop. And I do, but should I be asked by anyone in the area what Agent to go with when buying a house I'll suggest her. But if they are selling? I'll tell them I don't know anyone...


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