Sunday, February 27, 2005

Busy Busy Busy...

Things are crazy crazy right now.

We've been packing and cleaning. Cleaning and packing.

We met with a Real Estate Agent. She told us that we should be asking alot more for our house than we planned to. Honestly, we were only going to ask enough to get the hell out of here. She said that if we took our house and put it about three miles over, we'd get another $100,000 out of it. That was a shocker. So we are following her advice, of course. We've already had about 10 calls on it, even with no pictures posted on the website.

We went and looked at the new house again yesterday too. I am starting to get excited about it. Most of the neighbors are gay, it seems. Nice, very nice.

My abcess is returning. I'm not happy about that.


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