Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bunch of little stuff

Oi Vey...

Things are crazy right now. let's start with the house(s).

Ours is up for sale, and we've had quite a few people come to see it. I always believe they like the inside of it very much, at least their reaction tells me that they do. One lady was honest when she said the bedrooms were too small. My thoughts on this? All the houses built 40 years ago in this town are exactly the same, and she should start looking at houses built within the last five years or so.

I am constantly amazed at people who call up for an appointment and then fail to show. Dude, got a phone? If you called 1/2 hour ago to get an appointment, be a damn HUMAN and call to cancel if you've changed your mind. Why you've changed your mind is your business, but remember, you've affected an awful lot of people when YOU JUST DON'T BOTHER TO SHOW...

We received the appraisal from the bank on the new house. $20,000 lower than the asking price. Ouch. Now, understand, I knew the house was priced too high... but I didn't figure it was that much too high. We are waiting on the guys to come back from vacation in Mexico in order to deal with this. They only have until next Wednesday to reject our new offer, and the contract is null and void - and we get our deposit money back. It's too bad too, we really liked the house and the neighborhood. We went around looking for additional houses in that neighborhood on Sunday, but there are only two others. Neither did we like.

My neighbor Jack had his house broken into two days ago. This time, his house looks likes ours did after the second break in. Once again, our wonderful county deputies can do nothing. This time the little thugs hit the jackpot though. Jack had a handgun. The key word there is HAD. Because the county sherrif feel absolutely no responsibility for NOT stepping up their presence in this neighborhood, yet another stolen gun is out on the streets.

One of my stray cats was pregnant for the second time. She was quite HUGE... although she is a little thing to start with, I was still guessing 5 or 6 kittens. It was her second litter, but I never saw the kittens from the first litter. Anyhoo... she's been hanging out in my day room, ostensibly looking for a place to "nest". I pulled out an oversized cat carrier for her to use and have been directing her to that. Last night she was in there for a long time, so I took a flashlight and looked inside (you have to keep the place dark - that's what they are looking for in a place to have them). I only saw one kitten, and she was attending to it. I figured she was in the rest period between kittens. I went to bed. This morning I got up before dawn and checked on her. She was lying on the couch looking skinny (hard to tell, she's a black cat!!) so then I looked inside the carrier. I see the one kitten from last night (black, with a bit o white) and one that is still born. Sad. so sad... I'm gonna go check on her and the kitten when I am done updating this. I have to say though... where are the others?

Yesterday I went back to the doctor. I'm gonna wait on that post. I have a few choice words for the Veteren's clinic here. Suffice to say, I was not too happy.

That's all for now.


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