Thursday, March 17, 2005

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Welcome to the world little...

Uhm... err....

Blackie? Socks? Boots? Mustache? Spot?

I don't know. Hard to tell, since at this age, I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl. That's probably why I always choose something unisex until I get to know them better.

What do I know? He/She has some white around his/her face and some more down by his/her feet. Stong lungs, and can crawl like the dickens.

I'm more worried about his momma right now. She's been sitting with him most of the time, while taking breaks by resting (in the same place!!) on my couch. But this evening, I noticed that she is bleeding from her vagina. I'm hoping it's normal, since it's not a "flowing" bleed. Just leaving spots on the slip cover. And damn it, she's peed all over it twice. I'll probably have to replace it...


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