Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Something to think about...

So, Boi from Troy has this article about being fired for blogging.

I don't mean giving away "trade" secrets of your employer. I don't mean dogging your employer on each and every little thing and edict that they lay down.

I'm talking about being fired for blogging and even mentioning where you work. Sure, mention that you dislike "this part" or "that part" of your job, but not saying anything inflamatory - such as - "my immediate supervisor is stealing the company blind" sort of thing.

Here are the rules, from the handbook:

a) Posting proprietary information or making derogatory comments regarding {The Company} on messages boards or other public sites.
b) It's a violation of Company policy to disclose proprietary information to any third party. for this reason, {The Company} strongly encourages employees to not engage or participate in any Internet "chat room" or "bulletin/message board" conversation about the Company involving proprietary information.

So. If I did neither of these things, should I be fired? In a sense, yes. I work in a "Right to Work" state. Fine. The company can fire me for any reason or no reason.

But they fought my application for Unimployment Insurance. They had to go on record as to WHY they fired me. And it had better be a good reason, such as a clear violation of the above rules... or I would get those checks each week and the Company's account would be charged.

I got those checks each week, including "back-pay" for the time period while I fought it.

So here's the question. And yes... I'm asking.

I didn't want to leave my job. It doesn't matter that they worked me too much... I had no intention of leaving that job for quite a while. I wanted my boss' job. After that... I wanted the next boss' job. I planned to stay.

Should I visit with a lawyer?


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