Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Quick Post

Saw my GP the other day.

Weight: down, but just a couple of pounds.
BP: Down, but on the edge of high.
Bad cholesterol: Way down.
Liver Function: Good
Kidney Function: Good.
annoying lumps under arms: Non-existent

Whoo Hoooooo!!!

Don't have to go back for another six months.

Gotta eat more... stick to lower salt-content foods. Never had a problem with High "Bad" Cholesterol, in fact my "Good" cholesterol has always been really really high.

Issues outside of me though...

Good friend was in the hospital, because he ISN'T going to the doctor. His other half was going crazy. I went over to the house to get the dog (he used to be my dog) and that scared me even more. The dog was in horrible shape.

He got bit by a tick last summer during the hurricanes and has been in pretty bad shape ever since. So skinny, won't eat. No energy. Has a hard time getting up on his own.

TheHusband and I took him to the doctor, too. We left him there, as he needed in-patient care.


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