Friday, October 21, 2005

I think it's a mistake...

... to say "No" to this production.

'Buffy' Stage Show Shut Down
(Thursday, October 20 10:35 AM)
LOS ANGELES ( Dark forces have shut down in a stage production of the musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." But instead of demons, it was lawyers who put a stake in the show.

CounterPulse, a nonprofit arts group in San Francisco, had been planning to stage 10 performances of "Once More, with Feeling," the season-six "Buffy" episode in which a musical demon puts a Broadway-style curse on the residents of Sunnydale. The group planned to re-enact the script word-for-word, augmented by a live band and dancers.

Local media picked up the story, which quickly spread to other news outlets (including this one) and numerous "Buffy" fan sites. Word apparently also got to 20th Century Fox, which spelled the beginning of the end for the stage show.

What if Sherwood Schwartz had said the same thing about one of his most famous creations?

We would never have been blessed with these two campy classics.

Besides, I know a lot of Homos who would have gone to see it. And see it.. and see it....


Blogger R.J. said...

I would have been one of them for sure! I still listen to the "Once more with feeling" soundtrack all the time.

10/21/2005 3:41 PM  

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