Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sorry, I've been detained...

... by upgrading my computer.

I should have known better, of course. I work for an industry (that depends on the "hospitality industry", and "we manager technology". I don't want to be any more specific than that, execpt that I am a typist in a company that employs a myriad of computer technicians. Again, I am a typist. I should have known better.

So, after hours upon hours, I finally called one of our technicians, since I had his "work" cell phone number. He knew when answering that I was desperate, or I wouldn't call. I have rules, and he respects them. He is, after all, the ONLY person in the company that even has my cell phone number. So it is important, and he knew when I called, that that I wouldn't have called it it hadn't been important.

And yet I said to him, first thing... "It's personal, do you have time to discuss it?" He said that he did.

He didn't help me, but that didn't matter. The point was, he made the time for me.


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