Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Today and tomorrow...

Today: I immediatly spoke to my supervisor, apologized for my reaction yesterday, told him that I just needed some time to think about what he said, and realized that everything he told me yesterday was true and damned accurate, and that I needed to tell him that I was extremely appreciative and happy about it.

Then the hammer fell. He said that everything I said yesterday was right, and after we had our little meeting, he made a phone call to TPTB. I should expect a phone call from them.

After finding my tongue, I said "I wish you hadn't done that, I was in the wrong". He said "No you weren't, and the phone call will be a good thing. Don't worry about it."

So, I waited.

And, I waited.

At 4:00 I, sarcastically (I know, ME? sarcastic? say it isn't so....) said no one had called me, so I guess I got lied to again... He said, no, he hadn't lied, however he may have been lied to. I agreed with him.

I did get a phone call from the person in question, but I was on the phone with another member of the corporate office, and couldn't put him on hold. When I returned the call, I got voice mail, twice. I left for the day.

Tomorrow: I have an appointment with my GP and my HIV specialist.

Here's what I predict: My Viral Load will still be undetectable. My T-Cell count will still not be high enough (but, I hope over 200, which would be nice - hint hint) and they will tell me that my blood pressure is too high, and I need to take meds for it.

And quit smoking.

I won't quit smoking, but I will take the meds.


Blogger Spider said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Bro - you need some stress relief in your life right about now... hope the job thing works out. Just PLEASE be sure and take care of yourself...

11/17/2005 8:55 AM  

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