Saturday, November 12, 2005

I guess Philips was wrong... locals know which local Radio show host I am refering to.

Gas receipt 11/12/05

I like the guy, a lot. I've partied with the entire cast (before Janna Banana joined the show) on more than one occasion. TheHusband and I took a cruise with them a few years ago. TheHusband and Jack's wife spent hours on end singing in the piano bar on board ship. I've been in the Phlips Phile office before the show, and I've been in the studio during one. TheHusband and Moira are the same age. Oddo is one of the funniest people on the air.

But he is a typical Democrat. All the problems of this country could be saved if George W. Bush had never been elected.

I guess I better get a Bush/Chaney bumper sticker to put on my car to go next to the "No New O-rena" bumper sticker that we will probably be putting back out.


Blogger Spider said...

Be sure and save me a "No New O-rena" sticker when you find one...

11/12/2005 11:53 PM  
Blogger cola boy said...

I love Philip's Phile. Oddo kills me when he starts talking like Moira.

11/14/2005 10:12 AM  

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