Sunday, December 04, 2005

Countdown to coming out... again.

Less than two weeks from now, will be my office Christmas party (apologies to anyone who is not a Christian, but that's what it is).

I have been with this job for just over a year now. Nobody has asked about my home life too much. More importantly to me, I have not lied when they asked me any questions. They just haven't asked the RIGHT questions.

When I was rushed to the Emergency Room last summer, it was TheHusband who spoke to my supervisor explaining why I wouldn't be in the office for the rest of the week.

Not that I don't think they've figured out a almost forty year old man who isn't married and has no kids.

Still, to be confronted with it for the first time is a bit different.


Blogger Spider said...

I take it you are taking TheHusband... good for you for taking him and good for him for going! Go and have a blast! If there is dancing, dance a slow one for me!

12/05/2005 11:08 AM  

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