Monday, January 16, 2006

Live Blogging the Golden Globes...

... as long as I can stand it, anyway. I'll keep updating.

8:03: Why are we watching rebroadcasts of interviews that we just saw in the last hour?

8:05: The theme song, re-written, is awful.

8:06: Queen Latifa shows what Big Girls should look like in a dress. Gina Davis (love her!) should take note.

8:09: George Clooney gets the first award for Best Supporting Actor in a movie. I liked him better back in the days of "Facts of Life". The Jack Abramoff jokes are a bit much (unless you live life in Hollywierd, I guess).

8:11: Brokeback Mountain loses it's first award of the night. Sorry Michelle, at least you got a baby out of the deal.

8:19: Best Actress in a TV Comedy: Sandra Oh. Actually, I like this show, and her character on it. Didn't she win last year, for something, too?

8:23: Commercial again? No wonder these stupid shows go overtime - everytime.

(Commercial Break - I see you on here, whomever you are... it's okay to speak up)

8:27: Drew has put on some weight. And, Girl!, do something about those Fuller Brushes you have over your eyes.

8:29: The obligitory parade of accountants? (Nope.)

Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama: Rooting for Gina. Whooo hooooo! But, we should talk to her about that dress.

Sidenote: I was calling bullshit on her acceptance speech, before she admitted it.

Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama: Ah... who? The Joke-speech was nice, if I had ever heard of him, or his show, or, even knew what channel it was on.

8:39: Yet another commercial.

8:43: Melanie's skin is a bit loose. Isn't it? And that tatoo is too much.

8:45: Best Miniseries for TV: I don't care. Don't see any of them.

Really, who the fuck is the "Hollywood Foriegn Press", anyway?

Best actor in a TV Comedy Series: Steve Carrell for The Office. Am I the only one if the country who doesn't watch this show?

8:54: And yet again, another commercial. I don't think I'll make it until 11:00 PM (or 11:30 for that matter).

8:57: Tim Robbins is a hottie. I don't care that his politics are completely oposite of mine.

8:59: Best Actress in Something or Other: Reese Witherspoon for "Walk the Line". I like her, but her husband, I like better.

Chris Rock. Oi Vey.

9:03: Best Actress in a TV Comedy: Mary Louis Parker for Weeds. I'm okay with that, though I've never seen it. I still remember her from Fried Green Tomatoes. Which are yummy, BTW.

Yet another commercial. Good thing. I gotta pee.

9:10: I love Emma Thompson.

9:13: Best Actor in a mini-series or TV movie: Again, I don't see them, so I don't really care. -Jonatha Rhys-Meyers is a cutie, though. And I love the accent.

9:15: Best Actress in a TV Movie or mini-series: Again, Don't Care. How do you pronounce her name? And who did her make up?

Cue the music. Please.

Is Mooriah Carey up for an award, or is she going to sing? Either way, I'll leave the room. I swear.

9:26: Best Screenplay, Motion Picture. Don't care. Except for the "Brokeback Mountain" nom. Which wins. Could the Theme Music be any more boring. Also, Girl... don't try to squeeze through so many chairs when you have a fat ass. And please, don't try to cry when you are reading your acceptance speech.

As a writer, thanking your typewriter is a good thing.

9:30: Didn't we just come back from a commercial?

I'm not sure that skipping watching "All My Children" on Soapnet was a good idea.

9:34: Best TV Musical or Comedy: Desperate Housewives. Good for them. I was worried at the beginning of this season. But it's gotten better.

9:38: Penelope Cruise. What the hell is she saying?

9:39: Best Foreign Language Film: Does anyone watch these? (Speaking of "Does anyone understand her...)

9:42: And yet, another commercial.

9:46: Catherine D (whatever). Stop with the barely speaking English Actors. Please.

9:47: Best Original Score. Don't care. Really, does anyone?-- "Memoirs" wins. I'm okay with that. I'll rent it when it comes out. I love all things Japan.

9:48: Best Original Song, Motion Picture: I'll forget it's Mooriah. Brokeback Mountain wins. Whatever. I'm sure even this one will be important to the homosexualists.

9:50: Another commercial. Really, at 10:00, I'm stopping.

9:56: Anthony Hopkins: My favorite movie with him was with Emma Thompson in The Remains of the Day. Love it. I've seen it at least 10 times. I had no idea it was him in "The Elephant Man". Really.

Don't cut him off. Don't cut him off. Don't cut him off... Don't cut him off.

Good, they didn't.

10:07: Another commercial. I need to eat dinner.

10:15: Best Director of a Motion Picture. Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain. WTF is he saying?

John Travolta thanks actors. How nice.

10:17: Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Comedy or Musical: Juaquin Phoenix. His brother would be so proud, had he lived, of course.

10:20: And again, another commercial. It's gotta stop soon, right?

10:24: Tim McGraw. Don't care what he says. Drooling.

10:25: Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Winner: Walk the Line. This was a musical? Why, because they sang?

10:30: Commercial time again. Is Juaquin standing there with his boyfriend? Enquiring minds want to know.

I said I'd be out of here at 10:00, but here I am. Promise - I'm done at 11:00.

10:34: You need gay people.

10:35: Best TV Series, Drama: ... praying for Gina Davis' show....

Winner is... Lost. Whatever. Is that show still on? I stopped watching 1/2 way through the first season. It wasn't going anywhere. get it?

-- got your message Beth. Thanks.

10:39: Brokeback Mountain rhimes with "Chick flick"? uhm... how?

10:41: Best Actress, Motion Picture Drama: Felicity Huffman. You Go Girl. I'll have to watch the movie, when it comes out on DVD, of course.

10:43: Commercial time.

10:48: Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama: Philip Seymore Hoffman, for Capote. Heath is a loser, but not in my heart. I remember Ten Things I Hate About You. Yummy.

Another commercial. I guess they will be ending on time. There should only be one award left. Best Motion Picture. Care to guess the winner?

10:55: Best Motion Picture: Brokeback Mountain. Surprise, surprise. I guess I will rent it when it is out on DVD.


That's it. I'm done and I'm going to bed. (This post about wore me out)


Blogger Beth said...

You're a braver soul than I'll ever be. You need to see the office, absolutely hilarious. And the song for Brokeback mountain is now the song I play before I go to sleep. I love it.

1/16/2006 10:32 PM  
Blogger Spider said...

Didn't get a chance to watch last night - THANKS a million for the rundown... that was an excellent post... and I agree completely with Tim McGraw, just ~sigh~

1/17/2006 7:55 AM  
Blogger Micah said...

I missed the show too-

Thanks for the recap!


-Penelope Cruise. What the hell is she saying?


1/17/2006 6:41 PM  

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