Sunday, April 30, 2006

I took 'em back.

So, I took back the pants I bought last weekend.

I did some breathing exercises first, to prepare myself. I was sure that the line would be long, and that the clerk would give me a hard time.

Luckily, only two elderly ladies were in front of me, so I waited less than 10 minutes.

When my turn came, I told the clerk that I had bought them last week, and they were the wrong size. I didn't want my money back (I really did), but wanted only to exchange them for a larger different size.

She asked for my receipt. I took a breath and said I didn't have one, but brought a printout of my card statement showing that I had, in fact, actually made the purchase. She hesitated, but then took a look at them. She asked if I'd washed them. I said, of course I had. She then asked if I'd worn them. I said no, I tried on the first pair, realized they were too small sized incorrectly, and immediately took that pair off and put them both aside. I then reminded her that I didn't want a refund, just an exchange.

She said okay, so I wandered into the non-existent men's department and began looking for different sizes in the same colors. I had to get one pair too long, but I was able to find replacements. I figured I could hem them, if need be.

Then I returned to wait in-line again to resolve this exchange. The original girl was busy with another customer, so I got someone else. Once again, I had to go into the whole story, but I was determined.

I left the store within 30 minutes of walking in with new pants.

I did not try them on (again), so if they don't fit, I'll just donate them the next time one of those groups put that little baggy on my doorstep.


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