Monday, April 17, 2006

Power Outage

Our power went out this afternoon, while I was perusing the blogs in the list to the right. No, I don't think there was any connection, so you should feel free.

(By the way, I'm about to do an update to that list, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to mention in the comments.)

So, TV off, computer not moving, then I notice the entire house is exactly the same. What is the first question to TheHusband?

"Did you pay the bill?"

He is always so offended by that. I don't know why, it's not like he doesn't have a history of "forgetting" to pay a bill, ANY bill.

After he says that he has, there is only one OTHER question coming out of me.

"How recently?"

Offended twice, over the same subject. He can't win.
Of course, a few minutes later, I poke my head out the front door and notice neighbors are starting to gather in the street, all asking themselves (and each other) the same question: "Is your power off, too?"

Now I have to make it up to TheHusband. Or, pretend it never happened.


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