Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two bits...

I've mentioned that I have cats.

Lots of them.

Well, four, at current count.

I've shown three of them on this site, one here and two others [crap, I can't find the link]. There are other shots, but you'll have to click on the older posts to find them all.

But I have another. Beautiful "Domestic Longhair" as she is called by the vet. The rest of us just say, simply, Calico.

She was the second cat we "found" in the yard of our old house. A kitten, too, but she was rambunctious. She was older (when we found her) than the first cat we found, so at lest we didn't have to feed her with a bottle, as we had the first. But she looked just like her parents, both Calico's. Yes, her father was a Calico, as rare as they are.

She had grown up a bitch. Literally. She requires, no, demands, to have the best place in the room to sit in. It doesn't matter that she had her front claws removed and her younger "brothers" didn't (and if they stuck up for themselves in a fight they would SO win...), they always let her have whatever she desires at the moment. And there is no question, she is so inbred, that what she wants RIGHT NOW will change within a matter of minutes, because she will forget what it was that was SOOOOOOO important a few minutes ago and move on to what is soooooo important right now.

Currently, our bedroom is her Queendom. The other cats pretty much stay out of there, unless we are in there and will defend them. From her.

Anyway. She had long hair. This is a constant problem when leaving the house. It's typically all over our clothes. The other cat's hair is too, but it's easier to spot, since the other's are white.

So her hair is long. Very long. Lately, I've noticed that she is getting dread-locks. It's bad.

She needs to be shaved, not just a haircut.

I have no idea where to take her.


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