Thursday, June 01, 2006

Such a headache.

Not what I have right now, which I do, but I'm talking about the preparations for the office move tomorrow.

One person didn't show up, to busy "selling" something, I'm sure. (Unexcused) Other salesperson? Sat in her office. (Unexcused) One Service Technician had an install, way out of town, and took the new guy. (Excused times 2) The other Tech did help, labeled equipment so that when brought to the new place can be placed together, but when he packed his desk, he only did the items on top of it, nothing in the drawers. How does one say, in Spanish, that they will have to flip the desk on the side to get it out of the building- thereby redistributing all of the contents therein? (Excused) Two Project Managers? Nothing. Nada. Zip. (Unexcused)

CEO (was in the office for the day) did try. He said he didn't care about anything in the desk, but see above comment about said contents of said desk. I went behind him after he'd left. He DID tell me, nice guy that he was, that he'd tossed a bunch of stuff he was sure he wouldn't need in the new place, and that I could toss -- pause for effect -- the stuff on some book cases, since he'd never used/touched them since he started coming to this office.

The person who's ONLY responsibility was to remove the pictures/posters from the wall and re-hang at the new place? He's the guy I mentioned first. No Show. So, while I am doing that, my phone is ringing off the hook. "Can you close this call for me? I tried calling [someone at corporate] but she wasn't at her desk," said a technician from our South Florida Office.

"Yes, I could, but that would stop me from: removing pictures from the walls - including the little nails; removing the contents from each and every desk in the building; gathering the things in the kitchen into one area so I can then place them in a box for transport; defrosting the refrigerator; washing the dirty coffee pot and mugs; packing the equipment and other supplies; boxing up the contents of the office supplies cabinet; and of course labeling each and every item of furniture so that the movers know where to put it in the new office, since I'll probably be here packing more boxes while they are moving everything and can't be in two places at once. AND NOT ONE PERSON IS HELPING ME DO ALL OF THIS!!"

Sure. I didn't say all of that, but for a minute, I thought about it. He got the idea, and decided it would be better to leave a message for someone at corporate to close his call.

At 16:15, I gave up. "Let Go, Let God" is what my mantra for the next 15 minutes was. If it gets done, it does. If not, then not.

Regardless, I have SUCH a headache.

I've tried to keep the costs down, but the cooperation is just not there. The movers will pack boxes and unpack boxes, will break down and re-assemble furniture, etc. But if they SUPPLY boxes, then they will charge over and above the hourly rate. I have no idea what they charge for boxes. It could be $10 per each.

The moving company has to be paid in full before they empty their truck. I am so dreading making that phone call.


Blogger Spider said...

Nothing worse than an office move - when you are the only one doing the work - been there and have several t-shirts! Hang in there!

6/02/2006 8:00 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

YIKES! And I thought moving my house was gonna be a nightmare. I'd move 5 of my houses before ever wanting to deal with YOUR office. Hope today is a little better :)

6/02/2006 3:35 PM  

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