Thursday, August 18, 2005

Doctor Visit.... August


Blood pressure: Normal to high, not requiring additional medication.
Kidney function: good
Cholesterol: good
Liver Function: good, but enzymes elevated, again. Still nothing to worry about.

T-cells: 154. Not great, but not horrible. Would like to see them come up. Really. Any day now. Honestly. I'm ready.

Viral load: Unde-fucking-tectable.

Percentage: 12% down, but not bad for someone with almost no T-Cells.

No changes of the meds since my little hospitalization last month.

Funny. My doc says, "you know they could have called us and we would have told them that your anemia was because of the AZT we had you taking."

My answer?

"Yeah, like they would have believed you after the fourth or fifth time I told them."

He asked about it. I told him I was still receiving bills from doctors I hadn't ever had the pleasure of meeting. He said, "Welcome to the world of American Medicine."

He's an immigrant, you see. And he is right.


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