Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Never forget, Never again...

No, not a pre-anniversary post about 9-11-01.

I work for a company that sells and services equipment in the Hospitality Industry. On Friday all of our Project Managers were out of the office, as were our service technicians. They were out, you know, doing their jobs... I was in the office doing mine. I am the office administrator.

So on Friday afternoon, one of our larger clients had a printer down. No PM's, no Techs, nobody but me "in town". So what wonderful idea did the Service Manager (at the home office on the other side of the state) have? Send me to the aforementioned clients place of business to replace a printer. On a Friday. Right before they open.

I told him it was a bad idea.

Two hours after I got there, one of our Technicians showed up and determined that it wasn't the printer, it was the wiring in the network (read: in the walls).

I hope my company didn't charge the client for a service call run by a typist.


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