Friday, August 19, 2005

Tomorrow is the memorial

for our friend "A".

Those of you in the immediate area, and you know who you are, who've been reading this blog/journal for the last few weeks can join us at the Memorial for Him and OurDog.

Remember, "D" had the unexpected expense of cremating his partner of over 10 years, "A". There is still a house payment to be made.

When anyone hands you an envelope, put a $20 bill or more in it.

In the end, I think that would be better than spending $20 on flowers that will die in a week or so.

See you at 3:00 p.m.

UPDATE: Oh. And if you have a tab, please pay it off. That'll surely help him make the house payment...


Blogger Pookie65 said...

Having been to more memorials than I care to remind myself I know this will be a hard time for you. Sending you warm thoughts.

I really like the idea of the envelope.

8/20/2005 10:39 AM  

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