Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Yesterday there was a pretty fierce really really big thunderstorm in the Orlando area.

All apologies to those outside the Orlando area.

This morning, during the 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30 news, I was told about two (yeah, just two) house fires that were started by yesterday's lightning storms.

They spent about 10 seconds showing a fire on a house in Pine Hills.

For those of you outside the Orlando area, Pine Hills is a section of town that houses the poorer community of Orlando. Mostly Black, quite a bit of Latino, and a growing group of Asians.

Then there was the OTHER house fire they reported on. In Winter Park.

Winter Park (another community that makes up greater Orlando) typically houses upper middle class WHITE folk.

In this story, they spend quite a few minutes showing the damage created by the fires, how the owners had recently had the home built/upgraded. How the firemen spend SO MUCH TIME trying to save the house, and how the "homeowners" were going to have to live in a hotel for a bit longer. Oh. And there was an update to the story twice for every half-hour that they reported. Live. Really, there was a reporter doing live reports from the street outside the home in Winter Park, where it is requested that you "Please Drive With Extrodinary Care". Thank you very much.
So I thought it was just me. And then I read the story on their own website.

Three sentences on the Pine Hills house. The rest of the story? The Rich Folks House.

Here's the link, if you don't believe me.


Blogger TOS said...

Sucks about the fire and the whitewashed coverage... but you're going to have to avoid using the words "fierce" and "Orlando" in sentences... the tweaker queens have ruined those two words in my opinion! i.e OMG GURL Gay Days in Orlando was sooooooo fierce!! :-P

6/29/2006 7:51 AM  
Blogger Spider said...

GEE - I thought I was the only one that noticed that...

6/29/2006 2:56 PM  
Blogger MiKell said...

Point taken; post updated.

Funny, though. I don't recall the last time I've used that word... much less typing it this time.

6/29/2006 7:35 PM  
Blogger Sorted Lives said...

Yes, Winter Park has those wonderful signs telling drivers to drive with extraordinary care. What does Pine Hills have:

On PH Rd going north just before Silver Star, someone spray painted a piece of wood:

YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN!! No shitting you

7/03/2006 7:56 AM  

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