Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Final Straw.

With all of my bitching about the office move and lack of chairs, desks, computers and phones, I finally realized what would get some action at the home office. And I swear, I didn't do it on purpose. I would have, but I never thought of it before.

On Tuesday, I was pulling yet another order for one of our service technicians to install on Wednesday. I was wandering through the maze of boxes I have on the floor, because I have no storage shelves in the new office/mini-warehouse, pulling equipment, placing it in a box, and tripped over a box sitting on the floor.

The box I was holding was worth over $4000. Dude, it takes me MONTHS to make $4000, after taxes, thank you very much. But that isn't what pissed me off, as thankfully, none of the equipment was damaged or hurt.

I ruined a pair of pants.

I know. So what, it was a pair of pants, you silly fag.

That wasn't the point. It could have been worse. Much worse. I could have broken my arm, my leg, my back, or more importantly [in my advancing years] my hip.

I got up, placed the box of equipment on the shelf where it was intended to be, brushed off my pants, checked for bruises, and walked back over to my desk. Then I grabbed my phone and dialed the C.O.O. of the company.

I am done pussyfooting around with this bullshit.

I told him what happened, and explained that if I HAD been hurt, so would the company. Not because I am not expendable which of course I'm not, but because if I HAD been injured, it would cost the company major bucks, and NOT go against my insurance. It would come out of the Workmen's Comp funds that my employer pays each payday. For the ambulance ride, the hospital stay, the in-home deep tissue massages with happy ending thank you so much therapy I would need, PLUS the wages that I would have to be paid while sitting on the couch watching soap operas and eating bon-bons recuperating.

THAT, my friends, is Ownership Thinking.

And he saw the light. Today, finally, he gave verbal approval to purchase $400 in shelving for my mini-warehouse. I compromised too, and ordered the size smaller of the shelf I wanted. And only ordered two of four that I think I need.

It is a start.


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