Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work it, gurl...

Did anyone watch Work Out on Bravo last night?

I did. There was nothing, and by that I mean NOTHING else, on my basic cable TV to watch. I enjoyed it. Plenty of eye-candy, even if the main character is a girl. But she's a Dyke, so, there is that.

Anyway, there was a confrontation during dinner of her born-again Mormon of a mother and all of her friends in L.A. Hmmmm... a gym-owning Dyke in L.A. Do you think the dinner guests were mostly gay? You'd be right.

They attacked Jackie's mom on her views of gay marriage. I thought it was a bit unfair. Sure, I disagree with her views, but really. It was the dinner party's host's mother. Give her a break. After all, she didn't rant or rave, they asked her what her opinion was, then proceeded to bash her for it.
I told my mother I was gay in 1994. The reason I told her, not that we were close, was because I was home for a family reunion and I was considering moving "home" with TheHusband. So I said, "I'm thinking about moving here soon, and when I do, TheHusband (yes, I used his real name) will be coming with me. We are together, do you understand?

Blank stare.

"Momma, I'm gay. [HisRealName] and I are together."

Quothe Mikell's mother: "What about A.I.D.S.?"

-- Utter heartbreak--

I still haven't told her that I am HIV positive.
Back to the present.

If I held a dinner party where people said to MY mother what people were saying to Jackie's mother, I would stop passing the Cous Cous and declare the following:

"All of you. Get. Out. Now."


Blogger TOS said...

I have basic cable too... and even though there is NOTHING ever on, it still beats the rabbit ears I gave up :-)

I told my mom the worst possible way... the easter after my father passed away she wouldn't stop nagging me and picking at me for why I didn't want to come home... so finally I hurled the fact that I was "gay" across the room.

Ugly as it was, things healed quickly thereafter and are all better now. She met my Boo this weekend and we even slept in the same room! It was just the pain of losing my father that provoked such an ugly incident...

8/03/2006 11:06 PM  
Blogger Cincy Diva said...

Thus proving the old adage...
I xan say what I want to my family, but be damn sure nobody else can!

8/04/2006 12:51 AM  

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