Thursday, August 03, 2006

I completely forgot...

...TheHusband was leaving town this weekend.

I had to convince him to do it, though as I look back, it really wasn't that hard.

He is a Retired Naval Petty Officer (which, contrary to what Queerty believes, is NOT an officer, but an Enlisted rank). When one is in the Navy, I've come to understand, one gets attached to some silly boat-thing that one spends so much time in/on.

I like to cruise. Really I do. But this is just a little too much for me. Not the lack of women, which is actually a PLUS in my book (sorry girls, no offense) but staying that long in such a limited space.

Yuck. Sorry. No can do.

To TheHusband: Have a good time a the reunion. I dare you to stand on the bow and pronounce that you are The King of the World.

Really. I dare him.

UPDATE: I've preprinted his boarding pass, but I won't be driving him to the airport. I have to be at work. He hasn't packed a suitcase yet, and it's 10:00 the night before he leaves.



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