Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Foul moods

Someone came home in a mood tonight.

Obviously, he had a bad day at work today, and I can understand that. I had one yesterday.

But here is the difference. I didn't go off in a totally unconnected and different direction, and blame it on him.
This is not why we begged off dinner plans for tonight. Mostly. He was in a bad mood, and that much is why... everything else happened later.
So, because he was in a bad mood, he worked on "the books". Something TheHusband does when he is in a bad mood. He laments the lack of cash flow. And, although he does NOT say so, he makes it obvious that it is because I make quite a bit less than he does.

It isn't that I make a horrible wage. I do okay. If I lived by myself, I'd be able to pay my bills. I do this new-fangled thing called- keeping spending down.

You see, TheHusband hasn't learned this lesson, because he is a dreamer.

He can't stand the fact that he works for someone else. It bothers him. To him, the only success in life is to work for yourself. Period. And I have proof of this, of course. Pipe dream after pipe dream we've pursued. All because he felt that the NEXT plan would be the winner. If I were to ball park a figure, I'd say $50,000 has been borrowed/paid to follow these dreams over the last 13 years.

I don't understand this type of thinking. I wasn't raised this way. Of course, I know his father, and with this knowledge, I know that TheHusband wasn't raised this way either.
I'm just venting here. I have this conversation with myself every few months or so, when he gets into this mood.


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