Thursday, October 05, 2006

And...... I'm done.

Something is stinking up this whole story, and it wasn't reported on ABC.

The "child" turns out to be... not so much.

Though you will not find a link here, the "child's" name is out there, on the interwebs. He is currently 21. He and I have the same birth date.

If the reported IM messages (not the reported emails, since they turned out to be nothing) are three years old, that would make him 18 at the time. According to reports, it was a prank that he and another ex-paige were playing, trying to get the ex-congressman to, uhm, say too much. For laughs. Also, according to the reports, he never meant to have the three year old transcripts to "get out".

The Ex-Congressman? Formally molested (don't care), drinking problem (!?! don't care), and now, gay. Still don't care.

The former Paige? Left college to work as a politico's staff in another state, probably not getting a whole lot of work done at the moment.

One of them has reportedly hired the lawyer most famous for defending this guy, unsuccessfully.

Any guesses as to which one?



Anonymous Chris said...

I'm all about waiting for the facts before I decide anything.

Though from what I've observed, everyone's playing foul in this.h

10/06/2006 12:30 AM  

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