Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wash, rinse, drain...

A few weeks ago, I pointed out to TheHusband that we needed a new dishwasher, soon.

After all, I was tired of cleaning all the dirty dishes in the kitchen, only to walk out of the kitchen, walk back in 30 minutes later to find more dirty dishes. I was also tired of seeing a sink-full of dirty dishes, and watching him make something to eat and then ONLY washing the dishes he had just used.

And the dishwasher that came with this house still didn't work.

So yesterday, TheHusband was out running errands and stopped at the World's A-largest Appliance Showroom, close to our neighborhood. He called me and said the prices were pretty good. It's a "scratch and dent" type of store, but that doesn't mean the stuff is non-working, or bad. I told him to come and get me.

We spend 2-1/2 hours there, as I drooled over the front loading washer and dryer sets. TheHusband wanted a freezer for the garage, but I insisted that we get one ONLY if we got a dishwasher. So we picked out one that matched the stove (uhm... duh!) and TheHusband picked out a freezer. I told him to pick a different one, because it was an upright, and everything inside it would be easier to find. Also, it was twice the size, and only a few dollars more.

We brought the dishwasher home, and said we'd pick up the freezer next week, as both wouldn't fit in his little truck.

And then the yelling started. And the cursing. And the banging. And the sawing. TheHusband can be quite loud when things are not going exactly his way.

Finally, it was in, and hooked up. The power was switched back on, and... and... and... it didn't work. Lights would flash that were not supposed to flash. Buttons you could push would not react.

-insert more screaming and yelling here-

I went to the Internets. I got the installation guide and the operation manual (both of which were mysteriously missing from our purchase). Neither of which were any help. So TheHusband called the store to ask what would happen.

He got a sales manager, who said they would pretty much do nothing. TheHusband is pretty much livid.

I reminded him that the salesman had said we have three days (which I think is the Florida Lemon Law), that they can't sell us something that doesn't work (at least without telling us that it was "as-is"), and that we had used a credit card to pay for the items. He immediately asked if we should do a "charge-back" on the credit card. I said no. We need to give the company a chance to fix it first. Visa would require that.

I used to deal with charge backs all the time, at one of my former jobs. Credit Card issuers tend to be fair, depending on their own discovery of a transaction. You have to give the store/company a chance to "make things right". If we don't, the Credit Card company will side with the store.

Unfortunately, it was late in the day, and the store is not open on Sundays. That gives us until Wednesday to complain and seek a solution.

Besides, who has to wash the dirty dishes, anyway?



Blogger Sam said...

Sometimes life can be a little bitchy - but it's those little moments of cussing, and yelling trying to get them right that makes the memories. =)

10/10/2006 6:32 PM  
Blogger MiKell said...

UPDATE: The company says they will replace it with something of equal $$ or better.

They make no promise of the important stuff, like, "Will it match the stove?"

10/10/2006 8:02 PM  

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