Monday, July 03, 2006

Much Better.

Today, TheHusband had the day off. I work for a real company, and had to work.


Anyhoo, we had a company come over and install a new Air Conditioning system.

I'm so glad I wasn't here for most of it. I couldn't have handled being here in the house for that long without it.

Here's the old air handler, outside.

It was so loud that I could hear it inside the house. I suppose it didn't help that it was right outside the kitchen window.

Why I was surprised I could hear it? Because the inside unit fit into this little closet, also inside the kitchen. I couldn't hear much when it was running.

Anyway, we had them both replaced with these. 1st, the outside unit:

It is easily three times as tall, and four times as quiet. You can stand next to the damned thing and have a conversation without even raising your voice.

Oh. And the Inside Unit? It wouldn't fit inside that little closet in the kitchen. We had it put into the laundry room. I thought that was the best place for it, since it made it difficult to have a conversation in the kitchen when it was running.

Which was most of the time, here in Central Florida during the spring-summer-fall.

So we had them move it. I don't know if you can get the feeling of how much bigger it is from the picture, but it is.

As I told TheHusband, I won't know until tomorrow at noon if it was worth it. Typically, during the day, we'd set the temperature at 78 degrees (assuming we are home), and are lucky if the air conditioner could keep the temp inside the house somewhere around 87 degrees.

It can't be good for them to run 24 hours a day. And our old unit(s) just about did that.


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