Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Weekend...

...has been a bit on the "ho-hum" side.

Friday, TheHusband made it to his plane on time. Mostly because I printed his boarding pass before he left. I told him to make sure he left early enough and not to check any baggage... since he was only going to be gone two night. I also asked him to pick up a coffee mug for one of my co-workers, as he is a big fan of the Iowa Class Battleships. Since TheHusband was on the New Jersey, I figure that maybe I can bribe my co-worker to fix the DVD player I installed on my desk top.

I was supposed to meet someone for drinks after work, but he didn't show up. Eh, I had a good time at my local watering hole anyway. I stayed a bit longer than normal expecting this person to walk in the door, but to no avail. Spoke with my Friday Friends (R) anyway. Made plans for "Saturday Night Out" since TheHusband was out of town.

Saturday, I went shopping. But it was the FUN kind of shopping. For someone other than myself. Well, actually, that's not totally true, since I bought season 3 of Smallville and a book for myself. While checking out at the last store, I was behind a very pregnant woman, who was paying for some piece of furniture with gift cards. A lot of gift cards. At one point, she looked back at me and apologized for taking so long. I giggled and said I had plenty of time (but thought to myself, she obviously didn't).

Then I went home, watched two or three disks of Smallville and waited for the phone to ring. TheHusband called saying it was cocktail hour. He was having fun, so many people had brought their spouses (and/or kids), and I was reminded how bored I would have been. The call for "Saturday Night Out" never came.

I woke up about 0230 today. I couldn't sleep anymore, so I did what any other red-blooded American homo would do... I put in another Smallville disk. Long about 1000, I decided that my chores weren't going to do themselves, so I took a TomWelling break. TheHusband called. His flight is screwed up. He doesn't know which airline to go to.

That man needs a babysitter every time he flies. THAT's why I printed his first boarding pass. But you can only do that within 24 hours of flight time, so for the return flight, he's on his own.

I may, or may not, have watched the scene with TomWelling in red lycra shorts - over and over again.

It is not 1930 and TheHusband has just called. He's in the garage at our local international airport, helping someone that left their lights on, by jumping their car.

I guess I should start dinner.


Blogger TOS said...

Online check-in is the best thing ever invented...

8/06/2006 8:33 PM  

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