Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Breaking News - Jet Blue Emergency Landing

At LAX. Jetblue flight 292 will attempt emergecy landing in Los Angeles.

Jetblue flight with 145 passengers has landing gear problems. It's flying around and around in circles, dumping fuel into the ocean so that it can attempt a landing.

Something about the landing gear. It wouldn't go up, now it won't come down.

Hope no one is planning on landing at LAX for the next eight hours or so, 'cause your ass is about to be diverted.

Hope everything turns out okay for the crew and passengers.

UPDATE: I've taken this picture with my camera phone, from my TV. It's quite obvious how the wheels are facing the wrong direction.

UPDATE 2: Pilot has landed safely. Give him a raise. See him on the Today show tomorrow morning...


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