Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Dana Reeve died last night.

Sad news. I was really pulling for her. Lord knows she, and for that matter, her son Will had plenty of bad news over the last 13 years or so.

But let's bring this little discussion back around to what is REALLY important, shall we?

Me. I've smoked cigarettes for more than 20 years. I have no plans to quit.

Last week, I was off in the break room (at work) eating my lunch. When I was done washing my dishes (yes, I do this every time I bring my lunch from home) I walked back to my desk and found someone sitting in my chair. He doesn't work for my company, he works for a company that distributes equipment, software, and services that my company sells.

Immediately, he offered to get up. I said "No, don't do that. Relax. I'm going to go outside, anyway." With that, I opened one of my desk drawers, pulled out my cigarettes, and proceeded to walk towards the door.

He said, "Don't do that, it's bad for you."

A beat.

I said, "It's no more dangerous than crossing the street now-a-days."

He said, "You shouldn't do either..."

I wondered how you would get anywhere in life if you didn't (metaphorically) "walk across the street". But I said nothing, and walked out the door.

Now, at least, I can tell him (or anyone...) that Dana Reeve never smoked. Dana Reeve didn't live "in the city". Dana Reeve did not live with someone who smoked. She had no "typical" exposure to Lung Cancer.

And yet, she contracted and died from, Lung Cancer.

So... STFU about my smoking. I don't smoke in your car, I don't smoke in your house, and I certainly don't smoke in the office. BTW, I was well ahead of the local ordinances. I was smoking outside the office because most people in the office didn't smoke and I didn't want to bother them YEARS AGO.

Of course, if I knew this guy very well, and/or he read this blog, he'd realize.

The last thing I am worried about is dying of Lung Cancer.


Anonymous Christopher said...

They're now trying to blame it on passive smoking from when she used to sing! My response to people when they tell me smoking is bad for me is to remind them that so is living. We all die, regardless of what we do and don't do. I'm doing my best to ensure I don't deny myself much in life.

3/09/2006 12:20 AM  

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