Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reflections of...

... a Poker Tourney.

Wow. I had SUCH a great time last night. I must say this about all the folks over at Real Radio. Great people. I've been on The Monster's show, back when they were Mid-Day once. First of all, Russ (with Bo, in tow) were awfully drunk, but he at least pretended to remember me, which was nice. He was on is way to Mako's, I think. Saw Daniel and BlackBean too, who actually DID remember me, as I sat right behind them while on the show.

I am much more of a fan of the whole station than TheHusband is, so all night I was pointing out people (discreetly, I hope) and telling him who each one was. Bubba, Drunkee, Chunks, Dirty Jim. TheHusband is ONLY a fan of the Philips Phile. This was our fifth or sixth outing with the Phile, starting with the last Fantasy Fest Cruise.

Right away, we saw Jim and Moira. We mingled with them for a bit and I found my table. I was at #39 of about 40. I played conservatively, but went all in on the 2nd hand. It ended in a tie with the guy next to me, so we split the pot. I'm up, I'm down. Not bad. The local celebrity at my table was Lauren Perkins Rowe. Extremely nice. Oh, and a Potty Mouth that woman has on her! When she sat down, I said something goofy like, "Didn't you just have a baby yesterday, or something?" She smiled, and said "Seven and a half weeks, yes." Later on, after some banter back and forth, she looked at me (when we had both folded) and asked if we had met before, that I looked familiar to her. I said no, we hadn't, but isn't that supposed to be MY line to HER? She would high-five anyone that made a good play resulting in a win, and talk about her husband. He finally wandered over, they spoke, and he walked back to his table. I asked if that had been him, she said yes, and I said, "Girl, you did GOOD!" She giggled at this. Here's a really bad picture taken with my cell-phone cam. Her husband is the one standing behind her.

Finally, the group running the games came around and combined the tables. We were all split up to fill in positions at another part of the room. Here is what I took with me:

There were no celebs at my 2nd table. I only wanted to survive to the next level at this point. I did.

I made it to the final six tables, and sat down next to Moira. She was kicking ass and taking names. The first hand I had pocket Jacks. I bet like a mad man. And lost. On the next hand, I had to be all in, since I didn't have much left. I would have won that one, but someone got a flush on the River card. Bastard.

I have no idea who won the tournament. I couldn't even see who was playing on the final two tables because of the crowds surrounding them. I know that Moira was at one and Lauren was at the other, but I went wandering around with TheHusband and talked to the local celebs. More with Jim, Jack, Oddo, Janna Banana. Mark McEwen was there, but I never got a chance to talk to him.

At the end of the night was the drawings for door prizes. The first number drawn was for a vacuum. I looked at my tickets. It was read again, and I remember saying "Oh Shit, I think I won!!" Moira said, "Really? Then get up there and make sure." Jim said, "It figures you'd win that..." It was a vacuum. Really, a vacuum.

We left shortly after that, me making TheHusband carry the vacuum to the car. He wanted to stop at Studz to see "D", I wanted to see that hottie Josh, who works the bar until midnight or so. I wasn't disappointed. Skimpy red shorts never looked so good. A quick stop at the Wendy's Drive Thru (TheHusband was cranky, so I made him eat) and we were home.

It was a good night.
UPDATE: I am told that they earned over $42,000 for the Mustard Seed. Happy about that, I am. That is over $1000 per table.

The reason I go on, and on, and on, about the vacuum is because I have a house filled with ceramic tile floors. What the hell am I going to do with a vacuum?

I am happy nontheless.


Blogger cola boy said...

Congrats on the vacuum.

And we were at Studz for a bit playing darts with our friend. And Josh was incredibly hot in the shorts.

8/14/2006 8:46 AM  
Blogger MiKell said...

OMG was he hot.


8/14/2006 6:38 PM  

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