Monday, August 21, 2006

Sad songs say so much...

... and so do certain words.

Like Goodbye.

Although I would prefer something like "So long.." One has to do what is best for one's self.

As one of the first bloggers that I linked to, I wish him well.

And hope that he'll meet me when I am sent down south by my company. I have been reading his blog long enough that he has become a member of my close friends. He doesn't know this, but it is true. And I don't say this easily. I can count my close friends on one hand.

Oh, gods, that sounded possessive. I didn't mean it that way.

I only mean that he could be a really close friend of mine. He can understand how I feel, in a way that the few friends I have, cannot. They are missing a simple thing, though it is to their credit. He is HIV+, and my friends are not. While I do not fault my friends for not being stupid enough to get this life debilitating disease (as I was), I still can't get a level of understanding from someone who is NOT HIV+ than someone who IS positive.

As I only got to know him from his blog posts and comments here, I don't claim to "know" him... just the feeling that he "let" me know him. Even though his posts were riddled with humor.

I will miss his take on life. He touched me. Not physically, but in a good way. Though, had he touched me physically, that would have been in "a good way" too.



Blogger Cincy Diva said...

what a loevly post.

8/22/2006 5:34 PM  

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