Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mikell IS a member of...

...Team Orlando. And I proved it.

You see, whenever I am asked directed to do something that is outside my job description, I raise a stink. Okay, not EVERY time, but sometimes.

Today, I was called by the Director of Marketing (don't get me started on yet ANOTHER Department of One in this company), who asked me if I'd received some shirts that were inadvertently sent to me. Yes, was my answer. I received them on Friday, didn't know why but DID know what they were for, so I set them aside until they were needed. He asked that I stop what I was doing to count them. Yes, to count them, and tell him what color they all were.

Dude. Are you kidding?

Luckily, my new supervisor walked into my little area and took it upon himself to count them, and look at their colors. I had to back him up on this, since he is color blind. Then they started to talk about the shirts getting laundered.

I took myself out of the conversation. I had some busy work somewhere, I just had to find it. Oh. And stay within earshot to see how they got themselves out of this little issue.

I heard my supervisor state that he would make sure that the shirts got laundered before Thursday morning, when they would be needed. Once the conversation was over, he turned to me.

"Uhm... Mikell, can you take these to the cleaners and pick them up before the Sales Meeting on Thursday?"

Oh... My... gods...

My response: "(Insert his name here) I am NOT a secretary. I don't take dictation. I don't pick out a gift for your wife's birthday, and I don't pick up your laundry."

He walked away while I steamed. Then I started to feel guilty. I should have said everything that I had, but tempered it with, "but, I'll do it THIS time." After all, they will point to THIS episode and say that I am not being "a member of the TEAM", that I don't go out of my way to help other people in the office. This is bullshit, of course. Being a member of "the team" does not mean that you pick up the slack each and every time another member screws up. Sure, once or twice, but each and every time? I don't think so. If that were what everyone was supposed to do, nobody would get fired from any job. Ever.

Turns out, he was steaming too.

A few minutes later, he walked back into my area, put the shirts back into the box they arrived in as I said, "(HisName), just set them there. I'll be leaving for the bank in a few minutes, and I'll find a cleaner to take them to."

Obviously pissed, he told me not to bother. Of course, then he set the box of shirts OUTSIDE his office, and shut the door (after he went inside). On my way to my car, I picked up the box of shirts.

I guess I better learn to take dictation.


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