Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am NOT a Secretary...

... let me be clear about that. I am an Administrative Assistant Coordinator.

Here is a list of things I do NOT do:

1. I do NOT answer phones because they are ringing, although I am the "Operator" for my satellite office.
2. Act as the company "Operator".
3. Pick up your laundry from the Dry Cleaners. **
4. Pick out your wife's Birthday/Anniversary gift from you.
5. Answer or respond to your email/voice mail messages for you.
6. Type letters/emails for you.
7. Receive faxes for you, only to put them back into the fax machine and re-fax them to your home office.
8. Stop what I am doing on the other side of the building because you are calling on the phone or sending me an email. No Matter How Many Times You Call/Email.
9. Change your sales proposals because you are too lazy to log into the company database.
10. Take messages over the phone and pass it to someone. We have Voice Mail.
11. Care that you are the Number One salesman in the company. No man is an Island, and as far as I am concerned, you can walk the plank. (I know, I know, mixing my metaphors here...)

Here is a list of things I'm not required to do, but make the office run smoother:

1. Receive in faxes, and place them in the intended recipient's Inbox.
2. Replace the paper towels on the holders.
3. Replace the toilet paper on the holders.

Here is what I am required to do:

1. Receive each and every little bit of product that we sell.
a)Update the company database so the accounting types will pay for said product
b)Add tracking codes to each piece of equipment
2. Coordinate anything and everything that the Project Manager needs to implement said installation.
3. Coordinate anything and everything that the Installation Technician needs to stage, and install said installation.
4. (Occasionally) Ship out, via the UPS system, equipment needed for said installation.
5. Maintain installation calendar, so that said installations of product to not get installed five in one day, and nothing else that week.
6. Maintain Training/Conference room, so that Salesmen and Project Managers do not duplicate the use of said room.
7. Enter serial numbers of equipment into sales contracts, so that we can track RMA information.
8. Open and Close Service Calls in our Company Database.
9. Send countless emails to you, asking that you do your job. Like getting a new customer's name, contact, address, and phone number correct.
10. Send numerous emails to you, requesting that you pick up payment from customers, since that is, after all, your job.
12. Order Office Supplies, including paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.
So, in case you are wondering...

Sending an email to my supervisor, even with a CC:Mikell in it, that accuses me of NOT doing my job, when the company database clearly shows I have, is not a good idea. On the other hand, if you want me to delete future emails/voice mails from you without reading/listening to them, you've succeeded.

Here is what I said, in an email, to my supervisor:

"Please tell GoofySalesGuy that if he is going to try and call me out for not doing my job to please check his facts before doing so," along with a screenshot of our database showing how/when I had CLEARLY done my job properly.

I was so mad I was shaking. And it was only 0930 in the morning.

I feel bad for my new supervisor, actually. He is a "YES" man who is clearly in over his head. Honestly, I don't think he is going to last that long.

Although he is afraid of me, which means I'm doing something right.
UPDATED 9/05/06: I had to strike this today.


Blogger Dave said...

"Although he is afraid of me..."

Is there anyone that isn't?? I know *I* am! ;)

8/30/2006 10:45 PM  
Blogger chris-says said...


8/31/2006 12:11 AM  
Blogger savante said...

Whoa. Scary administrative coorodinator :)

8/31/2006 6:12 AM  
Blogger cola boy said...

I love proving others wrong when they accuse you of slacking. I would have loved to seen their expression when you sent him the proof.

8/31/2006 8:54 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Be afraid... very afraid. Cool for you. Dont'cha just love it when, every now and then, you can let out a BOO-YAH, BITCHES?!?

9/02/2006 8:54 AM  

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